The Warwickshire Pride shop is open. This is where you will find all of your Warwickshire Pride merchandise. Treat yourself and remember that you're also supporting Warwickshire Pride, as 100% of the profit will help us to keep the charity running so we can continue supporting LGBT+ people across Warwickshire. Postage is free!

If you would like to bulk order from us, please email [email protected] to discuss your requirements. We may be able to provide a discount for bulk orders.

Warwickshire Pride Wristbands


Get one of our fabulous Warwickshire Pride wristbands and wear them with pride. Available in four colours.

Select which colour you would like

Rainbow Badge


The rainbow flag is the universal symbol for the LGBT+ community. Show your pride as part of the community or as an ally with one of our fabulous rainbow badges.

Pronoun Badge


Let people know your pronouns and normalise using pronouns by wearing one of our pronoun badges with pride.

Select which pronoun badge you would like

Rainbow Flag


The iconic symbol for the LGBT+ community is now available to purchase directly from your local LGBT+ charity, where all the profits support our work.

Bi Flag


Whether you are bi or an ally of bi people, wave the bi flag with pride with the knowledge that you are directly supporting bi people in Warwickshire by buying one.

Trans Flag


Show your pride in being trans or show your support as an ally to the trans community with our trans flags, knowing that your purchase will directly support trans people.

Asexual Flag


Asexual people exist and their identity is valid. Show your asexual pride or show solidarity with ace people by flying one of asexual flags.

Non-Binary Flag


Non-binary identities are valid and we are proud to be making non-binary flags available for anyone who wants to wave one with pride.

Genderfluid Flag


If you are genderfluid, treat yourself to one of our genderfluid flags and be visible and proud of who you are. If you're an ally of genderfluid people, treat yourself too.

Genderqueer Flag


Are you here and genderqueer? Get yourself one of our genderqueer flags and fly it proudly in celebration of who you are as a human being.

Lesbian Flag


We support and celebrate all LGBT+ people and have the lesbian flag available for anyone who identifies as a lesbian or simply supports the lesbian community.

Pansexual Flag


Pan people deserve to be visible, supported and celebrated for who they are, just like the whole LGBT+ community. Treat yourself to a pansexual flag and do just that.

Bear Pride Flag


If you're an LGBT+ person of the hairy, beary variety, we have a flag for you too. We welcome and embrace every section of our wonderful, diverse LGBT+ community.

Progress Flag


The progress flag features the six stripe rainbow, plus stripes for trans people and people of colour. It's inclusive, just how Pride should be.

Easy Read LGBT+ Cards


These cards have been created to help people with learning disabilities understand LGBT+ identities. There are 10 cards in each pack, covering many LGBT+ identities.

Warwickshire Pride Pebble


Treat yourself to a fabulous Warwickshire Pride pebble and put it pride of place in your home. You'll be supporting Warwickshire Pride to continue its vital work while you're at it.